NexGen workshops are designed to teach you the skills and techniques used by today’s top college players and future stars. Our staff of select college all-stars brings a diverse collection of knowledge from the best college and club teams around the world directly to you.

Elite Instruction

It’s not often—if ever—that top college players get together to promote Ultimate and it makes for some of the most in-depth and elite instruction available. Across the board our 15 instructors have participated at the highest levels of the sport and their collective resume includes:

NexGen workshops have a maximum student-to-instructor ratio of 5:1 for superior individual instruction. Our increased one-on-one time allows each of our instructors to personally make sure that participants understand and benefit from every lesson. We also value this time as an opportunity to build relationships with young people around the country and encourage them to dream big about the next generation of ultimate.

The skills you need

Each three-hour workshop contains three 40-minute sessions where you pick the skills that you want to learn. Want to learn the throwing mechanics of some of the nation’s best throwers? NexGen has that. Want to learn how to cut like a superhuman? NexGen has that too. Need to improve your defense from loose to lockdown? NexGen has you covered.

Our goal is that you leave a NexGen workshop with skills that help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s improving your cred during lunchtime pick-up or getting ready to try out for that college team of your dream next Fall, NexGen can help you get there.

Tailored experience

NexGen is committed to meeting the individual needs of today’s growing youth Ultimate communities and we understand that they aren’t all the same—each is developing in its own way. We welcome all skill levels, boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 years old to register and will adjust our programs to match the experience of our registrants.

Workshops comprised primarily of participants at our novice level will focus on sessions teaching core fundamentals that build a solid foundation for future growth. Workshops with higher concentrations of experienced participants will emphasize exploring advanced Ultimate techniques and tactics.