NexGen coming to UVtv

Posted on: June 29th, 2011 5 Comments

*UVtv update* – Due to unexpected compression delays we’re going to have to push back release of full-games from 7:00 pm the day after each game to the morning of the second day following a game. We have been able to edit the games by early afternoon but are limited by the speed of our computers in getting it to you.

We could bring the footage to you faster but it would mean sacrificing the visual quality of the product we deliver. We apologize for the delays and hope you continue to follow the NexGen tour as we travel around the country.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at

NexGen and UltiVillage have joined forces to make full-length coverage of all 15 NexGen games available exclusively on UVtv.

For the first time ever UVtv will be serving up High Definition video for a sharper, more enjoyable viewing experience. We’ll be recording in 720p60, which means smoother movement and true slow-motion replays.

Two broadcast quality cameras will be capturing each game from multiple angles to ensure that you get the best vantage point when the action heats up. Our 12 stadium venues allow us to shoot above-the-action angles so you can clearly see each play as it unfolds.

Our camera crew will be working overtime to deliver coverage fast. And we mean fast. Each game will be available on UVtv the morning of the second day after it’s played. We’ll top it all of with a persistant scoreboard that never lets you forget who’s in the lead.

To recap:

  • 15 full-length elite club level Ultimate games
  • High Definition
  • Broadcast quality video
  • Multiple angles
  • Fast delivery
  • True slow-motion replays
  • Persistant scoreboard

It’s going to be an excellent summer. Subscriptions on sale now. Click here to subscribe. Watch by the game for $4.99 or get them all for only $14.99.