Measuring up

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 15 Comments

We love stats at NexGen because they give us concrete measurements with which to compare and evaluate performance. They’re not the be-all and end-all of a player’s value, but they sure are fun.

We wanted to put some numbers to NexGen’s athleticism so we asked our good friend Tim Morrill of Morrill Performance to help us out. Tim teaches ultimate-specific strength and conditioning classes and workshops around the US and was kind enough to volunteer his time, equipment and knowledge to the cause.

Tim coached us through a combine-style workout and tested each player’s 40-yard dash, vertical jump and serpentine time. He talked briefly about proper technique before each skill and basically let us just go for it with whatever haphazard form came natural to us.

Tim knows his stuff, but to learn technique takes repeat practice and a couple hours with him was only enough time to realize how bad we are at this stuff and how much room we have for improvement. Compare Tim demonstrating how to start a 40 in the clip below and George Stubbs who ran our fastest 40.

NexGen has athleticism—but like most ultimate players today—it’s raw athleticism. Perhaps the best example of this is Dylan Freechild’s serpentine. He clocked NexGen’s second fastest time at 8.88 seconds. This is his first run.

Now imagine how fast he’d be if he ran it like Tim.

Alas, we can’t all be Tim, but with time, knowledge and practice perhaps someday we can. In the meantime feast on some more NexGen numbers and let us know what you think below.

For more information on Morrill Performance or to schedule a personal consultation with Tim Morrill visit his website at or join him on Facebook.

Name 10-yard split 40-yard Vertical Jump Approach Vertical Serpentine
Cody Bjorklund 1.86 5.49 25 29.5 9.25
Colin Camp 1.79 5.16 29 32 9.37
Dylan Freechild 1.73 5.07 29 32 8.88
Eric Johnson 1.82 5.26 30 33 9.04
George Stubbs 1.75 5.01 28 34.5 8.81
Greg Arenson 1.83 5.32 27.5 30.5 8.94
Jimmy Mickle 1.78 5.29 27.5 34.5 9.47
Matty Zemel 1.83 5.32 28.5 32.5 9.18
Nick Lance 1.74 5.23 29.5 35.5 8.88
Nicky Spiva 1.76 5.18 27.5 37 9.32
Noah Saul n/a n/a 24 33 n/a
Ollie Gordon 1.78 5.11 29 31.5 9
Phil Murray 1.85 5.21 25.5 30 8.97
Simon Montague 1.87 5.46 25.5 32 8.93