2013 NexGen Roster

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 53 Comments

Once again the NexGen roster is overflowing with talent and athleticism. Among the fourteen players already selected eight were U20 World Champions, ten have been named to all-region teams, eleven have attended the USAU College Championships at least once (three have won) and ten have attended the USAU Club Championships at least once (one has won).

The 2013 NexGen Roster*:

1 Jacob Janin
4 Jay Clark
5 Aaron Honn
7 Chris Kocher
8 Simon Montague
9 Elliott Erickson
10 Dylan Freechild
12 Mitch Cihon
16 Trent Dillon
17 Aaron Neal
21 William Driscoll
22 Camden Allison-Hall
23 Jimmy Mickle
25 Nicholas Stuart

One roster spot remains, so stayed tuned to nexgentour.com to see who it will be.