2013 NexGen Roster

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 53 Comments

Once again the NexGen roster is overflowing with talent and athleticism. Among the fourteen players already selected eight were U20 World Champions, ten have been named to all-region teams, eleven have attended the USAU College Championships at least once (three have won) and ten have attended the USAU Club Championships at least once (one has won).

The 2013 NexGen Roster*:

1 Jacob Janin
4 Jay Clark
5 Aaron Honn
7 Chris Kocher
8 Simon Montague
9 Elliott Erickson
10 Dylan Freechild
12 Mitch Cihon
16 Trent Dillon
17 Aaron Neal
21 William Driscoll
22 Camden Allison-Hall
23 Jimmy Mickle
25 Nicholas Stuart

One roster spot remains, so stayed tuned to nexgentour.com to see who it will be.

See the player page for expanded information.

53 Responses

  1. s8n
  2. Pat

    Adam Velk for the last spot

  3. confused

    why isn’t Dom Leggio on this roster?

  4. Mimmo

    Sick team.

    Shameless plug for Jordan Huston or Chris LaRocque from FSU or Bobby Ley from Florida or Mike Ogren from UCF (though he’ll be kinda busy with Team USA stuff) for the last spot!

  5. Jason Fahlash Derek

    One spot left? Why not take more foreign players on the tour, they bring the salt and pepper! (there’s no rule they can only have one right?)
    Take Luca Miglioretto! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD4IOBdxshg
    He won several distance-competitions and had the most assists at U23 Worlds, he’s nuts!

  6. Joaquin

    It’s deja vu all over again!

  7. Lars

    Get a Grey Duck on there!

  8. Daniel

    I second Mimmo’s nominations.

  9. Greg

    Ken Dobyns for the 15th spot

  10. Daygo for days

    Dom ‘da sledge’ Leggio can for sure fill that roster with the talent lacking.. straight #chill

  11. Joaq
  12. Scott

    Luca Miglioretto for the final spot!

  13. big mike

    get someone from nc darkside on that roster

  14. Ben

    Take a DIII player, like last year’s Tommy Li. He did well enough on the tour, and there are several standout DIII players (Rhys Lindmark of GOP springs to mind)

  15. Matt

    Hey, my uncle Drew can play…

  16. mattski

    DIII player Travis Carpenter of first year team Indiana Weslyan. Travis has previously played for the Ball State Wizardz and is now in his second season for the Alley Cats of the AUDL.

  17. Quinn

    Patrick Buermeyer from Oregon State is the one you want

  18. D-III Player

    If you were going to take a D-III player then you would at least need to take one that is from a top 10 ranked team. Not a team that isn’t even going to make Nationals..

  19. GL Fan

    John-Michael Guest from Michigan State. He guards all of these guys at tournaments, and is an insane defender against all of them.

  20. D3

    Would’ve said to take Hopfenbeck from UPS, but y’all need another handler. Is Cihon a handler? Looks like Mickle, Montague, and Freechild will be getting a lot of touches.

  21. bavy

    Greg wakeman for sure!

  22. Russian Kate

    The best young handler i’ve ever seen! seriously! no doubts!
    he can beat many of the best US top player
    give him a chance to show how good he is!

  23. Harry

    Well… it’s easy to talk about someone you should take. One of Europe’s best thrower is definitely Luca Miglioretto. If you wanna see another impressive video in which he’s competing with Europe’s Ultimate elite you should take a look on the PAGANELLO FINAL 2013. Couple of his nasty throws to admire right there:
    come on Luca. You got this!

  24. William

    Christian Johnson for the last spot

  25. Robin

    I’d say Luca should get the spot! I played against him two times… this guy has throws, OMG!

  26. Luca Miglioretti must be the one! Great spirit, amazing tequnique and power like a horse!

  27. Luca Miglioretti must be the one! Great spirit, amazing tequniques, and full of power!

  28. Suspicious Stuart

    Actually look at Luca Migliorettos video first. Its not very impressive. Anyone can huck.

  29. Not Alex

    Max Thorne for the final spot. Kids filthy.

  30. nz boss!

    Troy Stevenson is your man, NZ youngest player that gets closest to skying Aaron neal, he will just *** every1s **** up

  31. Fabi

    Give the last spot to LUCA MIGLIORETTO. Only few in the game can compete with his abilities at the disc. He’s a beast!

  32. Brittany

    Luca Miglioretto!! 😀

  33. Nectar

    I have to admit I’m not familiar with the US talents that are around. but in my 11 years of (european) ultimate carreer, including several world and european championships, I have seen probably only very few players, who can keep up with Luca Miglioretto’s throwing skills…

  34. Anonymous

    Have to agree with the Florida comments. 3 teams from the state in or around top 20, and no one on the roster? I realize it’s as much about players accepting as anything else, but out of Mischa, Hickson, Ogren, Laracque, Huston, and Ley, you can’t get one?

  35. ASU

    Brice Dixon, no doubt.

  36. G

    Mark Evans from uncw should definitely be there. He’s got break throws for days.

  37. Patrick

    Greg Wakeman! Fear The Beard!

  38. Dave

    Need some hucks, scoobers and inside overheads then Luca Miglioretto is your man! Pick him!

  39. Joel

    If they plan to go the DIII route with the final player they should look into Trevor Griesman from Dickinson. Kid is a monster. Watched him play at sectionals and he could not be stopped from throwing exactly where he wanted to at any time and was a great D-line player as well.

  40. Ted

    Luca – Luca – Luca – Luca – Luca – Luca – Luca

  41. Big tits

    Dom ‘Deathrow’ Leggio is the best college player in california. Those flick bombs doe!He would make cali proud

  42. alum

    nobody from here kevin?


    They’re dominating half the people on your list!

  43. alum

    ok, probably not your list. but definitely the U-23 list!

  44. Central Florida
  45. BroConBroChill

    Scott Hood is the only option.

  46. Brad Bailey

    Looking for an exceptional handler? Take Luca Miglioretto! A very talented thrower!!
    @suspicious stuart: you haven’t seen him in beast mode. His hucks are a lot better than the ones “everyone does”!! And he plays smart D!

  47. Anonymous

    Is that 4 players from South Eugene H.S?

  48. Anon

    Mark Evans would fit perfectly on this roster. He has Australian championships under his belt, moves the disc quickly, has ridiculous throws, and has a killer accent. Check him out at natties Kevin

  49. Ruben

    take that swiss basterd #28!!!

  50. AMouse

    Marks alright but didn’t he throw a scoober into the middle of a stack at worlds… But… who’s the other person Kev???

  51. Brewdoggerairshowin

    Definitely Dominic Mark the ledge chill Legggio for that last spot. Need some more SW Cali on that nexgen