NexGen was born from a vision where fun, exciting Ultimate games played by exceptional athletes happened in our own backyard and we also wanted to be able to bring our friends and family, so it had to feel like a professionally run event.

The solution. NexGen began gathering 15 of the best up-and-coming talents from colleges around the world and bussing around the country on what we dubbed the NexGen Ultimate Tour.

Bringing first-class Ultimate to you…

The NexGen Ultimate Tour stops in North America’s greatest Ultimate cities to clash in head-to-head battles with the best teams in the world. We’ve carefully planned each exhibition game to make them as convenient and accessible for you as possible.

NexGen is focused on creating the ideal event atmosphere for you to enjoy. We’ve cleared the sidelines, shortened time between pulls from 90 to 60 seconds and secured top-notch observer crews for every game. Our highly visible scoreboards and announcer make sure you’ll never miss a beat and even if you do you can always catch the highlights right here the day after every game.

There’s sure to be plenty of big skies, huge hucks and monster Ds, so bring your friends and make sure they don’t mistake Ultimate with dogs ever again.

Workshops for the next generation of Ultimate player…

As we sat back and thought about our dream, we remembered how when we were young we read about greats like Chase Sparling-Beckley, Josh  Ziperstein, Beau Kittredge, Dylan Tunnel, etc. but never had the opportunity to meet or learn from anyone of their caliber.

The closest we ever got was reading through Zip’s Tips a dozen times and pondering if Beau really did know throws.

Thus we created the NexGen Youth Workshops so that young people around the country and a little bit of Canada could have the opportunity to learn first-hand from some of the best players in the game. Our three-hour workshops focus on teaching kids skills that they want to learn so they can meet their goals.

The adventure begins…

Stay with us here at and join as on twitter and facebook as we take to the road and see what the next generation of Ultimate looks like.