NexGen vs. Revolver

Posted on: July 15th, 2011 2 Comments

By Martin Cochran

Wednesday night’s game between the NexGen studs and Revolver brought with it a large and heckle-ready crowd ready for big, exciting plays and the ensuing ultimate did not disappoint. A bit after 8pm the players were ready despite chilly, blustery winds and Revolver came down on D to get a break right off the bat after several trades of possession. NexGen stormed back in the next two points to bring it on serve, showing the Revolver squad that they could quickly punish them for minor tactical and mental slips.

Things continued on serve for most of the first half, with plenty of hucks, high-flyers, and hustle-plays to the crowd’s delight. Revolver’s D came up with two big breaks to take half 8-6 and start on O going into the second half.

Both sides brought the intensity to make it a hotly-contested game with the active travel and up/down calls from observers cooling on-field tempers.

Throughout the second half both squads played tight D and Revolver’s O was mostly able to methodically work the disc under to punch it in consistently. NextGen was ruthless in looking for long shots when they were given any room deep and were mostly successful on the big plays, but a handful of routine catches and throws ended up in turnovers that hurt them down the stretch. The final points of the game saw even more hucks (and turnovers), but Revolver was able to convert more breaks than NexGen and pulled away with the 15-11 win.

Notables highlights were Josh Wiseman’s sky of a crowd just outside the endzone, NexGen guys coming up with almost every errant throw and deflected disks due to their impressive field sense and speed and the wind continually popping up hucks to make almost every deep shot a 50/50.

Martin Cochran captains Revolver