Ollie Gordon

Tour stats
Goals: 21
Assists: 6
6′ 4″
Chevron Action Flash

Photo of Ollie Gordon

About Ollie

Ollie Gordon joins the NexGen Ultimate Tour from the United Kingdom where he attends the University of Exeter. He started playing Ultimate in 2004 when he chanced upon a local tournament in his hometown of Glastonbury, England. Less than a year later he was selected to the Great Britain Junior National team for the first of two times – 2004 and 2006.

In his fifth and final year at Exeter, Gordon captained the club team Uriel to a 4th place finish at U.K. College Nationals. He holds Full University Colors for contribution to University Sport and was named a finalist for Exeter’s 2010/11 Sportsman of the Year Award. Gordon played competitive club ultimate with Devon (2007-2010) and now plays with Manchester-based Chevron Action Flash (2011-present).

Gordon represented Great Britain last summer at the inaugural U23 World Championships in Italy and he has been selected to the 2011-2012 Great Britain Open national team that will represent his country at the 2012 World Games.

Gordon will graduate this summer from the University of Exeter with a Master of Science in Sport and Health Science. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Exeter in 2009.

Fun Fact

-Gordon is a grade 8 violinist – the highest level awarded by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


Goals: 14
Assists: 12
6′ 0″
Sub Zero

Greg Arenson is a junior at the University of Minnesota. He began playing Ultimate in 7th grade as a practice player for Hopkins High School’s Hurt. In 2005, he joined Hurt’s full roster and helped Hurt to a 3rd place finish at the USA Ultimate Western Championships. Arenson attended Westerns three more times with Hurt, finishing 5th at all of them. He captained the team in 2007 and 2008.

In 2009, Arenson began making an immediate impact starting on defense for Minnesota’s Grey Duck (2009-present) and helping the team make their first-ever trip to the USAU College Championships. He returned to the USAU College Championships the following year and finished 5th with Grey Duck. He will captain the team in 2012.

Arenson plays club with Minneapolis-based Sub Zero (2010-present).

He will graduate from Minnesota in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.


Goals: 15
Assists: 18


5′ 11″
Sub Zero

Eric Johnson is a senior at Luther College. He started playing Ultimate as a freshman at St. Cloud Cathedral High School. After one tournament with the JV team he was moved up to the varsity team where he played for four years. In his senior year he captained the team to a 3rd place finish at USA Ultimate High School Westerns.

Johnson enrolled at Luther College as a recruit for the school’s DIII soccer program but continued to play Ultimate for Luther (2009-present) during the off-season. His addition to team’s roster made a noticeable impact as Luther made its first ever trip to USA Ultimate College Championships that year where they finished 11th.  Behind Johnson’s strong play Luther repeated their trip to nationals where they played giant-killer to Florida on their way to a pre-quarters exit.

Johnson was named Central Region’s Freshman of the Year in 2009, 2nd Team All-Region in 2010 and 1st Team All-Region in 2011. He joins Sub Zero (2011-present) this year for the first time after leaving Luther’s soccer program to focus on Ultimate.

He will graduate from Luther next year with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Fun Fact

-Johnson was a captain for Luther’s soccer team as a junior.

Measuring up

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 15 Comments

We love stats at NexGen because they give us concrete measurements with which to compare and evaluate performance. They’re not the be-all and end-all of a player’s value, but they sure are fun.

We wanted to put some numbers to NexGen’s athleticism so we asked our good friend Tim Morrill of Morrill Performance to help us out. Tim teaches ultimate-specific strength and conditioning classes and workshops around the US and was kind enough to volunteer his time, equipment and knowledge to the cause.

Tim coached us through a combine-style workout and tested each player’s 40-yard dash, vertical jump and serpentine time. He talked briefly about proper technique before each skill and basically let us just go for it with whatever haphazard form came natural to us.

Tim knows his stuff, but to learn technique takes repeat practice and a couple hours with him was only enough time to realize how bad we are at this stuff and how much room we have for improvement. Compare Tim demonstrating how to start a 40 in the clip below and George Stubbs who ran our fastest 40.

NexGen has athleticism—but like most ultimate players today—it’s raw athleticism. Perhaps the best example of this is Dylan Freechild’s serpentine. He clocked NexGen’s second fastest time at 8.88 seconds. This is his first run.

Now imagine how fast he’d be if he ran it like Tim.

Alas, we can’t all be Tim, but with time, knowledge and practice perhaps someday we can. In the meantime feast on some more NexGen numbers and let us know what you think below.

For more information on Morrill Performance or to schedule a personal consultation with Tim Morrill visit his website at www.strengthandconditioningfitness.com or join him on Facebook.

Name 10-yard split 40-yard Vertical Jump Approach Vertical Serpentine
Cody Bjorklund 1.86 5.49 25 29.5 9.25
Colin Camp 1.79 5.16 29 32 9.37
Dylan Freechild 1.73 5.07 29 32 8.88
Eric Johnson 1.82 5.26 30 33 9.04
George Stubbs 1.75 5.01 28 34.5 8.81
Greg Arenson 1.83 5.32 27.5 30.5 8.94
Jimmy Mickle 1.78 5.29 27.5 34.5 9.47
Matty Zemel 1.83 5.32 28.5 32.5 9.18
Nick Lance 1.74 5.23 29.5 35.5 8.88
Nicky Spiva 1.76 5.18 27.5 37 9.32
Noah Saul n/a n/a 24 33 n/a
Ollie Gordon 1.78 5.11 29 31.5 9
Phil Murray 1.85 5.21 25.5 30 8.97
Simon Montague 1.87 5.46 25.5 32 8.93



2013 NexGen Roster

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 53 Comments

Once again the NexGen roster is overflowing with talent and athleticism. Among the fourteen players already selected eight were U20 World Champions, ten have been named to all-region teams, eleven have attended the USAU College Championships at least once (three have won) and ten have attended the USAU Club Championships at least once (one has won).

The 2013 NexGen Roster*:

1 Jacob Janin
4 Jay Clark
5 Aaron Honn
7 Chris Kocher
8 Simon Montague
9 Elliott Erickson
10 Dylan Freechild
12 Mitch Cihon
16 Trent Dillon
17 Aaron Neal
21 William Driscoll
22 Camden Allison-Hall
23 Jimmy Mickle
25 Nicholas Stuart

One roster spot remains, so stayed tuned to nexgentour.com to see who it will be.

Two more join the bus

Posted on: June 3rd, 2013 4 Comments

With barely more than two weeks until NexGen’s first game in San Francisco it’s only appropriate that we have a complete full roster.

When we announced the 2013 roster in early May with an empty 15th spot, we too wondered if it was the right decision. Would we be hampering the team by not securing a good player early or would we find the right player to complement the roster in Madison?

It was worth the wait as we’ve added a talent we might not otherwise have selected in UC Davis’s Eli Kerns. We knew Kerns had potential and watching him lead Davis (10 goals, 22 assists) to a surprise quarterfinal appearance at the 2013 College Championships confirmed that he would be a good fit for the roster.

Kerns’ resume includes a USAU Club Championship, a 2010 U20 World Championship and a 2013 U23 selection. He plays club with the Bay Area’s Polar Bears.

The University of Colorado’s Tim Morrissy will be replacing Carleton’s Nick Stuart who has been mostly sidelined since the North Central regional tournament with a nagging hamstring injury.

Morrissy plays club ultimate with Denver’s Johnny Bravo and was teammates with Kerns on the 2010 U20 national team. He will be representing the US in Toronto this summer as a member of the 2013 U23 open team.

2013 Schedule Announced

Posted on: March 26th, 2013 No Comments

NexGen announces it’s 2013 tour schedule which runs June 18 – July 16 and makes stops to play against 13 of the best club teams in the United States and Canada.


Tue. June 18 San Francisco, CA
Sat. June 22 Austin, TX
Mon. June 24 Atlanta, GA
Wed. June 26 Raleigh, NC
Mon. July 1 New York, NY
Tue. July 2 Boston, MA
Thur. July 4 Toronto, Canada
Sun. July 7 Chicago, IL
Tue. July 9 Madison, WI
Wed. July 10 Minneapolis, MN
Sat. July 13 Seattle, WA
Mon. July 15 Vancouver, Canada
Tue. July 16 Portland, OR

Roster coming soon.

*Specific dates may still change.

The Top 10

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 No Comments

We’re back with Jackson Kelsay recapping the Top Ten plays from the 2011 NexGen Ultimate Tour. If you haven’t check it out yet make sure to head over to our NGN Kickstarter page and consider supporting the future of broadcast ultimate: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nexgen/ngn-nexgen-network.