Extreme bus makeover

NexGen is going to bring you into a little bit of the craziness that is preparing for the tour with a series on transforming our 35’ Bluebird All-American bus from school to cool.

Let’s get one thing cleared up before we begin. No. We do not need a special license to drive this thing. Our bus is registered with the state of Oregon as a motorhome and for better or worse they’ll let us drive it on good faith that we know what we’re doing. We think it’s probably safe to say that we know more about advanced Dischoops strategy than we do about buses.

So what happens if this bus breaks down when we’re crossing the Rockies? Well… let’s hope it doesn’t. We trust that when we asked the good folks out at Pacific Detroit Diesel to tell us if it was ready to go cross-country that they knew what they were talking.

Faith-based mechanics aside, we’ve got 30 days on this bad boy so we might as well make it fly. For some design inspiration we sat down with our good friend Alex Misar of Misar Design last weekend to sketch out some plans and preview our ride in 3D. We’re pretty excited with what he created for us.

The design is all about trying to be as comfortable as possible while squeezing out the illusion of variety and space within our 31’ cabin. Check out the plan and we’ll run you through what you see.

The back of the bus, separated from the front by the walled bunks, is the perfect spot for taking a break and getting away from it all. It features a long padded bench for sleeping or just kicking back and watching the road go by.

Notched into the elevated engine compartment is another, less wide bench for a more vertical view of world. On the far side is a workstation where we’re hoping to mount a monitor and turn it into an editing bay for fast highlight turn around. On the near side is a table and a couple of seats for a little quite time or a more private conversation.

Cool kids to the back please.

Two sets of bunks run along the walls creating the bus’s middle segment. This is where the road weary can draw the curtain and sleep off the toils of the day. Bunks come in 6’ 6” and 7’ sizes.

Also in the middle segment are two sets of shelves with 20 cubbies for holding personal items—just like in elementary school. The rest of our things will be stored under the bus.

If the business is in the back then the party is most definitely in the front. It’s where the good times will be rolling. A 22” LCD TV will be mounted on the backside of the shelving unit and ready to hook up to the N64, watch game footage or pop in a BluRay Disc.

Three 8” speakers mount directly into the bus’s ceiling for even sound distribution throughout the front cab. Passengers can enjoy the music while lounging on one of two custom built u-shaped couches or just kicking back with a drink and some cards at one of the two table and chair sets. It’s what’s called a win-win.

If all of this seems crazy to you, you’re right. We’ve got 15 days before we leave Eugene and we haven’t even started yet. But then again nothing about the NexGen Tour has been sane.

Stick with us to see what happens.